13/03/2018 Under the microscope today: natural foods

Small environment, great pictures: Our fascinating micro-world #4
Natural foods are not industrially processed and contain neither preservatives nor other artificial additives.

However, they are usually rich in valuable ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances and usually contain less fat, sugar and salt.

But are they pretty to look at?

Opinions certainly diverge here. Some may dislike crooked cucumbers, stained apples or multi-legged carrots. Too natural! Not symmetrical enough!
We have now taken a closer look at a few natural foods with our scanning electron microscope. Indeed, it is usually "chaotic".

However, we have always been fascinated by the variety of forms and beauty of these natural foods. See for yourself!

And we are sure: this variety of shapes is also important for a healthy diet!

Natural food under the scanning electron microscope. © strucTEM 2018

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