20/02/18:Today under the microscope: The common chicory - medicinal plant, vegetable & flower

Small environment, great pictures: Our fascinating micro-world #1

Today in the strucTEM microscopes:
A persistent plant that often shines blue along the way: it is the common chicory - Cichorium intybus - also called ordinary chicory.

It belongs to the family of daisies, was the vegetable of 2005 and the flower of 2009, and the common chicory is also a medicinal plant known since the Middle Ages. In Germany it is currently approved as a medicine for loss of appetite and digestive problems.
Known cultural forms are chicory and radicchio.

The pollen grains of the chicory have a diameter of 25 µm. That's only 6,000,000 feet. This impressive pollen grain is a thousand times smaller than a 1 € piece.

Pollen grains of the common chicory in the light microscope and the scanning electron microscope.© strucTEM 2018

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